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Wessex Multi-Academy Trust

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Telephone: 01305 266064

Chief Executive Officer: Mike Foley

Wessex Multi-Academy Trust

Documents & Reports

Public PoliciesUploadedFile Size
S - THS Admissions Policy Sep 19 (21-22 entry) (2).pdf14/09/2020462 KB
S - MAT Whistleblowing Policy.pdf24/09/2020864 KB
MAT - Donations Policy Nov 18.pdf24/09/2020557 KB
S - MAT Complaints Policy Sep 19.pdf14/09/20201603 KB
MAT - Appraisal and Capability Policy for Support Staff - Jan 19.pdf24/09/20201243 KB
MAT - Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy Nov 19.pdf14/09/2020304 KB
MAT - Disciplinary Policy & Procedure.pdf14/09/20202369 KB
MAT - Stress Management Policy.pdf24/09/2020541 KB
MAT - Recruitment and Selection Policy.pdf14/09/2020933 KB
MAT - Grievance Policy.pdf14/09/20201161 KB
MAT - Pension Discretions Policy Jan 19.pdf24/09/20201640 KB
S - MAT SEND Model Policy Sep 19.pdf14/09/20201291 KB
MAT - Risk Management Strategy Jan 19.pdf24/09/2020615 KB
S - MAT Business Continuity Plan.pdf29/04/2020621 KB
MAT - Fairness and Dignity at Work Policy.pdf14/09/2020988 KB
S - MAT Data Protection Policy Sep 2020.doc.pdf21/09/2020361 KB
S - MAT Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf24/09/2020655 KB
S - MAT Financial Regs and Scheme of Delegation Jan 20.pdf14/09/2020273 KB
S - MAT Freedom of Information Policy 19.pdf14/09/2020458 KB
S - MAT Supporting pupils with medical conditions.pdf14/09/2020449 KB
S - MAT H&S Policy Sep 19.pdf14/09/20201502 KB
MAT - Debt Recovery Policy.pdf24/09/2020427 KB
MAT - Shared Parental Leave Oct 19.pdf14/09/20201095 KB
MAT - Attendance Management Procedure Staff - Jan 19.pdf24/09/20202465 KB
MAT - Governance Code of Conduct Nov 18.pdf24/09/20201503 KB
MAT - Appraisal and Capability Policy for Teaching Staff Nov 18.pdf24/09/20201561 KB
MAT - Capitalisation and Depreciation Nov 19.pdf14/09/2020273 KB
MAT - Governors Expenses Policy Jan 19.pdf24/09/2020422 KB
S - BR Admissions Policy AC 20 (21-22).pdf14/09/2020805 KB
MAT - Staff Code of Conduct.pdf14/09/2020244 KB
MAT - Gifts and Hospitality Policy Nov 18.pdf24/09/2020539 KB
MAT - Flexible Working Policy & Process.pdf14/09/20201431 KB
Financial StatementsUploadedFile Size
Annual Report and Financial Statements 201624/10/20192,394 KB
Annual Report and Financial Statements 201724/10/20193,053 KB
Annual Report and Financial Statements 201824/10/20192,962 KB
Annual Report and Financial Statements 201919/12/201938,284 KB